Hotel “KleverOk”

You planned your vacation with family or managed to escape from a roaring city for weekend with friends? Wish to have a lot impressions and emotions, make your stop in a comfortable hotel without paying overall? We can improve your will! “KleverOk” – is a hotel in Odessa – what  you needed, our prices will surprise You! For a small amount you can have comfort, privacy or cheerful time with friends.

Location of private hotel in Odessa.

                “KleverOk” situated in picturesque village Nerubayskoye, which is 30 min by car from the center of Odessa. Noises of the city wont bother You at all and visiting the club capital, colorful city You can have it all in any time. We would like to notice that our hotel is located at cross pass of roots: OdessaKiev – Nikolayev – Kherson – Izmail – Zaporozhye – Donetsk – Kerch – Novorossiysk.  Crossing with roots M-05, E – 95 and District road (Okruzhnaya road). That’s why if you are in a long way, in any time You can be our guests. Where you can have comfort and service that will help to relax or lead Yourself in order. There is a saying – “All the roots leads to Rome”,  our tracks all lead to “KleverOk” – hotel in Odessa apartment.


                Here at low priced hotel you will have that wished pleasant tranquility, which can’t be held in big hotels cities. Modern man is in need to devote time to himself maybe by reading a good book. Have a walk on sandy beaches to organize thoughts. Enjoy the local speech.

                Also, You can occupy Your leisure time not only with a trip in the city but also by visiting historical places. In 500 meters is located a memorial complex “Museum guerilla of fame” and catacombs that leads under earth. This excursion would be interesting as for history amateurs, usual person or for kids. In catacombs,- which leads at different regions there are samples of Odessa guerilla’s weapons, household appliances and labels of Great Patriotic War. They are now the visit card of Nerubaysky village, known around the world.

                If you would be pleased to leisure Your health, our privy mini hotel in Odessa, for Your comfort is located near to legendary health resort – Kuyalnick firth, existing from 1834. The visit card of the firth is therapeutic mud, low price hotel “KleverOk” – perfect place to get acquainted with it. If you want to receive medical treatment that is not conceding to Dead Sea in Israel by therapeutic, in the time you don’t want to be connected with schedules of the sanatorium – stop at us! Our staff will take care of you like of most important guests.

                After an active day you can rest in convenient and cozy private house, where TV bright backstage or make bar-b-q with friends and family. At the morning we shall please you with tasty breakfast and friendly staff.