Забронировать, бронировать, заказать гостиницу, отель, мотель, номер в гостинице, отеле, мотеле Одесса, Херсон, Николаев, онлайн.

To book  a hotel, hotel, motel, room in hotel, motel Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev, online

                Dear clients! To book a room in a hotel (motel) shall be rational decision, in this way you will be sure that  your vacation or business trip shall be held exactly here. Of course you can ask for accommodation at the day of arrival, but we don’t guarantee vacant rooms.

                So you decided to book a motel room “KleverOk” at Odessa? Now you face a choice of booking and way of payment? We are glad to help you!

Online booking of hotel/motel/hostel.

                For Your comfort we have the system of online booking. To book/reserve single room at our hotel “KleverOk” please just fill in a special form. This way of booking gives you the possibility to organize and plan the accommodation conditions proceeding from the travel budget.




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                If you are comfortable to book a room by phone please do not hesitate at any time even at the day of arrival. All you need is to call us and our administrator will suggest you vacant rooms with proper service and conditions. But remember that early book can protect you from refuses.

                If there are any changes in your order, please call us.


We accept any method of payment which suits you.

-          Cash Payment

You pay cash at the day of arrival at us.

-          Bank Transfer

You can prepay by bank transfer from current account or by cash at any commerce bank.  A carried-out payment is considered at receipt of funds at “KleverOk” bank account.


-          Credit Card

You can reserve by Credit Card Visa/MasterCard. It is a practical method of payment at online booking. You pay only the first day of “KleverOk” accommodation (Odessa motel), that permits you to be calm for the check-in. At force-major circumstances you can always cancel the order, please pay attention that Your funds will be returned by bank transfer. For specification of bank commissions for transaction please address in a bank support service.


If you have any questions by ways of payment, do not hesitate to contact by phone: +380674851588


               We invite you to book a room in “KleverOk” – a cozy motel in Odessa, near the Black Sea coast and Kuyalnick firth. We propose the best service to our clients. Our staff will provide you comfort and care that you will appreciate. We work 24 hours for you.

In case of transport absence and if it is so required all transfers from/to airport, rail and bus stations and vice-versa are gift for our guests and will be arranged by motel owned cars with pleasure from 10:00 till 18:00. 
In case visitors are arriving later or earlier during day working hours the transfers would be charged in taxi tariff.

Food is a subject of professional cooking and ecologically clean market supply.


                               Price-Service ratio will please You

Book a room at hotel (Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev) online.