All who loves hitch hiking, "Welcome" to visit the center of Europe!

Of course, the Hitchhiking is not just an economical way to travel. It is a whole ideology. And everyone who travels by Hitchhiking, knows - a little to find a driver who is not against you ride and while away the hours on the road for pleasant conversation. It would be very nice, when destination is reached, to find a decent and cheap accommodation. This may well be a student hostel, or apartment for rent. But we will try to offer you an alternative.

In the first place - Motel "Kleverok" is just in 2 km to the glorious city-hero Odessa. It is a funny-short walk distance. Secondly - convenient traffic interchange at Kherson, Nikolayev and Crimea - if you have already been in Odessa. In third, - near placed estuary and catacombs. So, I'll report you that is an itself phenomenon, which, to be there and not see that - not respect yourself.

That is why, we invite all travelers, hitchhiking, as drivers, car owners, visitors and all those who travel by car, to do a little rest in our cozy and comfortable family hotel.

As the many dwellers of Odessa sure, that stone, which is set somewhere in the Ukrainian steppe, symbolizes the geographical center of Europe.  It is not a geographical center, this is some geographical mistake! The real centre of Europe has always been and will be in Odessa and you even don't dare come to doubt about this. Come and see all by yourself.



Away from the eyes of strangers and urban noise

…in the hotel "KleverOk", you feel yourself like at home... as said the great but long forgotten poet. And it's true.

Think About It!

Just in 2 km the city lights. Millions of people hurry about their business, in bustle, studying, working and noisy having  fun . Anthill of 21 century! But you just jump in a car and after 10 min of pleasant driving You suddenly appear in a different world. You will be met by miniature family cozy "KleverOk" hotel!

And it doesn’t matter why u came here. You need a room for privacy or private romantic date which shall not compromise your companion? Or you just want to stay by yourself to think a little have a rest at a quite place? Or you decided to organize 3 family pairs with kids, and have a rest with your best friends? Diminutiveness of our hotel will let  you book it for yourself and taking rest for Your pleasure like on a private cottage. At the time enjoying a high class hotel service when your wife doesn’t cut salad half a day and you don’t have to pay attention at meat preparation.



Unforgettable rest at "KleverOk" motel!

Attention to all party organizations, event agencies and wedding companies as well as those who plan to celebrate anniversary, birthday, engagement, wedding corporate or family celebration. At "KleverOk" Motel! It is the best setting for holidays, corporate events and generally all forms of collective recreation.      

Among the advantages of our motel – close location to the city, high class private kitchen, low prices for events and accommodation rates.

You shall agree that it is one thing to have a party and drive at night home, and other thing to stay and continue. Considering that in a big restaurant there are a lot of strangers, at our place you won’t be under a strangers eye.

You will like also having New Year at us! We invite quests not only from Odessa. For Kherson and Nikolayev people we are also close. To all who decided to visit Odessa, you are suggested  to pay attention on our prices – it is not Deribasovskaya not Privoz. Here it is all cheaper, and for the autumn-winter period we did cheaper- more attractive cost, so there is no more cheaper than here.

By the way there is an online booking on our site. So You can book right away after reading this text.